History of Preesall Taekwondo Club


On this page you will find information on the club. I will start with the history and work along the timeline until the present day. If anybody who looks at this website and has any old pictures from the club, gala's which taekwondo is in, please feel free to email them, and I will include them on this website.


Club History

The club first opened in 1980, (I don't know who at this time the instructors were). The club opened in a wooden hall, at St Oswald's Church Hall, Lancaster Road, Preesall. Over the number of years the club grew and new Instructors took over.


One of the Instructors in 1982 was a gentleman call Mick Jordan, who ran the club with the help of Master I Ross.

In Feb 1990 age the age of 10 I started Taekwondo in the new hall at St Oswald's Church. If I remember that night there was approx. 25 new junior students started with myself. The Instructor who was running the junior session at the time was a gentleman called Ian Ross. When I started Ian Ross was a 3rd Dan Black Belt, and since then he has passed his gradings and obtained his Master Grade within Taekwondo. In 2011 the Wyre Taekwondo Associates were pleased to award Master I Ross with his 7th Dan.  Today Grand Master Ross is the club advisor of both Preesall, Hambleton Taekwondo Club's.


Grand Master Ross became instructor of both the senior and junior classes as Master Jordan passed the club over to Master Ross, as Master Jordan was now looking to go back to his roots from the army and was re studying his ju-jitsu (Today Master Jordan is a 7th Dan Grand Master in Taekwondo). Grand Master Ross was now running both sessions the seniors and juniors on the Monday and Thursday nights.


Both before and after I gained my black belt I was being taught to teach within the club. This grew in time taking 30mins here and there, growing on to a full session etc, helping out at gradings, competitions etc. A number of years later, Grand Master Ross passed the club over to myself, at this time I had just obtained my 4th Dan and become a Master Grade.


Up to the present day the club is run by myself and with the help of all the current Instructor of the club. (Without them it would be hard work), and also with the input and view from the students.


The last number years the clubs has been busy, working toward different things etc. The club is proud to say that we have obtained the following awards:-

AMA - Accredited Coach / Instructor - Master R Alderton - Chief Instructor of Preesall Taekwondo Club
AMA - Accredited Coach / Instructor - Master G Jackson. - Instructor of Preesall Taekwondo Club

Since obtaining the above awards in 2007, I am pleased to say that we have renewed, without any problem in 2009 and in Feb 2011.   The club is also currently helping James Jackson to obtain his AMA Ė Accredited Coach / Instructor Certificate.  I am hoping this will be completed by the end of May 2011.  James has now passed his AMA - Accredited Coach / Instructor and got his certificated in Feb 2011.

The clubs have been working towards the Clubmark and we hoped that by the end of the June 2008, we will have found out. This would mean that we would be the first Taekwondo clubs within the UK to have obtained this award. After working toward the Clubmark Award, and submitting the folder we hit a small problem, and were unable to be award the full Clubmark Award.  However, Lancashire Sport due to our hard work awarded us a County Clubmark.  (This is still in the pipeline and still being strived towards).


Preesall Taekwondo Club joined the UKTDC (United Taekwondo Development Council).  The Instructors of the club felt this was the right thing to do, as it offered us a number of things such as courses, competitions, seminars.  We have been on a number of the courses and at competitions hosted by them, and they have been worth while and go to go on.


Roland Alderton, who is the main Instructor of Preesall Taekwondo Club has been working on a NVQ in Active Leadership and Instructing; this is to add to there number of other qualifications, within Taekwondo, and  passed this in 2011.


2012 Was a busy year, with some of the students training with Andy Norman, Richard Bustillo (Bruce Lee's first training Partner) and with a number of competitions, as well as the Kup and Dan Grading.  The club also completed the local Gala's and did a demonstration at the church hall.  The club also had a couple of visits from Primal Martial Arts, to go through self defence, etc at a different level.  Pictures of some of the events can be found in the Gallery Page.


2013 So far has been a busy year, with the club attending Freespirts "Robbie Wright" Patter Competition, another visit from Primal Martial Arts, (this was to show a student that "Slaps" do work.  The club has also has had a number of gradings this year, attended the local Gala's and also attended the UKTDC Seminar in May.  In May the club also became members of the BTA (British Taekwondo Association). Two students from the club attended Twin Tigers Taekwondo Club in Scunthorpe for a Fighting, Pattern and destruction competitions.  Preesall Taekwondo Club also has completed an sponsored kick event for North West Air Ambulance and raised £115.00. 


Preesall Taekwondo clubs students have again attend a number of BTA Events such as 1st Kup to Black Belt technical training session, a Seminar from Grand Master Roy Kilner on Self Defence, and in October a Fighting and Pattern Competition which was run by Soul Taekwondo Club.  Master Alderton attended the Martial Arts Expo Event in Oct at Coventry, were they trained with Master Ken from the you tube "Enter the Dojo" as well as meeting Alex Reid and a few other people in the martial arts.  October also saw Master Alderton promoted to Grand Master (7th Dan), by Grand Master R Kilner 8th Dan (President of the BTA).  November was another packed month with students attending Seminar with GM Richard Bustillo, training with the BTA.  December was a quite month as we were finishing on the 16th for Xmas. However, this month saw Mr John Darlington award the Student of the Year award, with Rosie Rainford as runner up, James Jackson was awarded Instructor of the year and a number of other students were award trophies, certificates, badges and medals for the year.  The 16th Dec saw our fun night with games and food provided. 


2014 - Sunday the 5th Jan saw the first seminar of the BTA a Sparring Seminar with Master Darren Kilner. The club opened it doors for the new year on the 6th Jan, for the first session of the year.  Already GM Alderton has a list of events for the year head. (These can be found on our Calendar).  We have attended Competitions, Seminars, and spend a Weekend at Skipsea Sands.  The whole year was full of other items such as gradings, which a number of students entered and obtained there new belts and some obtained there Black Belt.  The Year was rounded of with a Presentation evening with a number of students winning awards and badges for their outstanding contributions to the club and Taekwondo Clubs.


2015 - In 2015, the Instructors and students attend and number of events of the years, along with the Grading, that was arranged. February saw GM Alderton, go along to Garstang Taekwondo Club, to help out George Gauld of Primal Martial Arts. 

In April GM Alderton attended a seminar with Chloe and Grace Bruce, this was held at Cleveleys Taekwondo Club.  

In June the Club celebrated 35 years of being opened in 1980.  This was attended by Grand Masters, Masters, Instructors and Students of the Club along with friends of the Club.  A Cake was made by one of the students, also in June and July Preesall Taekwondo Club Instructors and Students attended and walk around Stalmine and Preesall Gala.  

In September saw GM Alderton attend the BTA Autumn Break at Skipsea Sands, the event was over 3 days, training on the Sat and Sunday.  The events allowed all the Instructors and Students learn different things, and also different styles.  Instruction was given from Grand Master downwards.  This is an Event that should not be missed.  Also in September GM Alderton along with John Darlington attended a Seminar with GM Richard Bustillo.  The event was held in Coventry under the Way of the Spiritual Warrior Club run by Tony Pillage.  The event work on Knife and Stick work, again this was and event not to miss.   Finally John Darlington, and GM Alderton attended the AMA Instructors Course held in October.


2016 - There are a number of events in the pipeline and will be reported on as and when they happen.  In April 2016, saw the club leave the UKTDC and the BTC. The club decided to hold it all Kup Grading within our own Association, however, all black belt grading will be conducted under the British Taekwondo Association.  GM Alderton went up to Yong Kwan Taekwondo Club at Timmon Grange, were GM Roy Kilner was teaching a seminar to the clubs students, this was a bit of a surprise as both GM Kilner and Master Ian Foster, did not know GM Alderton was attending. This surprise went down very well, and both GM Kilner and Master Foster, were pleased.


In July the club saw Mya and Jake enter the Mount Taekwondo Clubs, first Taekwondo Sparring and Patterns Competition, held at Fleetwood. The event was very well done. The club is pleased to announce that Mya came away with two trophies, for wining both of her fight, and Jake was a runner up. However both were winners as they had taken part in the event.  Well done to the both of you.


June & July saw the club attending both Stalmine and Preesall Gala's. Thank you to all the student who attended both Gala's.  GM Alderton attend the BTA Black Tie Event held in July at Scunthorpe, the event was a nice night and everybody who attended seemed to enjoy them selves.


In September GM Alderton, Mr Darlington and the Leonard's family attended the Autumn Camp hosted by Twin Tigers at Skipsea Sands.  The event was based on previous idea.  The room was split in to four areas, and the students were allowed to choose between them. Both Mr Darlington and GM Alderton both took a session teaching, and pleased to say both went down extremely well.


In October, 3 students took there next grading, and we were delighted to say that all students passed. They were Jake promoted to 7th Kup, Melissa promoted to 6th Kup and Mya promoted to 5th Kup.  Congratulation to you all.


Also in October Mr John Darlington, attended the Black Belt grading held under the British Taekwondo Association, John was going for his 4th Dan.  John lined up on the floor and was asked by GM Kilner 8th Dan (President of the BTA) to take the floor for the grading.  John did this without a problem (even though on the way home he did say that he was very nervous doing it).  The Grading panel consisted of 4 Grand Master Ranks and 7 Master Grades.  After the grading was finished GM Kilner announced that all the students had passed their gradings.  Therefore John was promoted to Master John Darlington 4th Dan, his certificates were present by GM Kilner and the panel.


After the BTA grading GM Kilner call for a Committee meeting to induct all the Grand Master, Master, Instructors and parent who were invited to attend on to the committee.  The club was please to receive two positions on the committee. GM Alderton became Vice Chairman and Master Darlington became a member on the Hall of Fame Committee.   A full list of who's who can be found on the BTA Page on this website, and photos can be found in the Photo Gallery 2016. Information was also given to the committee member about the 50th Celebration of both the BTA and also GM Trent.  A weekend training in Great Yarmouth in May 2017.


October saw GM Alderton attended a Seminar hosted by Garstang Taekwondo Club (ITF), who were hosting Grace and Chloe Bruce, better know as the Bruce Sisters.  The seminar was held by Grace, as Chloe was still filming abroad.  GM Alderton enjoyed the day.  The club also welcomed a new member.



2017 started with the first session on Monday 9th January.  The club this year so far managed to obtain the 5 Star Award Certificate from the BTA and UFKKA Association, this was down to GM Alderton proving that the club had a number of policies  in place. A copy of the certificate is located on the Clubs notice board at the church hall.

This month also saw the black belts of the club awarded there WAKO Certificate, ranging from 3rd Dan to 7th Dan.  See our picture Gallery for the above pictures. This certificate is recognised in 101 countries.


A session in January was a sad night as Mya and her family was leaving and moving to New Zealand.  On Mya's last night GM Alderton promoted Mya to 4th Kup Blue Belt as a Thank you to her for support and dedication she had give to the club and to her training over the years she was with us.

March was a busy month, GM Alderton, attended a Seminar run my GM Roy Kilner and hosted by Yong Kwan Taekwondo Club.  The seminar was held in Timidon Grange near Hartlepool, the seminar was based on Basic and how a BTA Black Belt Grading is marked.  Also in this month GM Alderton completed and received his Bronze, Silver and Gold Levels Instructors Certificates from the BTA / UFKKA. This month saw the club, do it's own internal grading. It was attended by 7 Students ranging from White belt, to Blue Belt Red Stripe.  The Grading floor was run by Mr Alex Van Drielen, and the Grading Panel consisted of the GM Alderton, SM Jackson and Master Darlington.  We were pleased to say that all 7 of students passed the grading to a high standards.  Pictures in the gallery, during and the belt presentation a few weeks later.
GM Alderton and Master Darlington attended the BTA Grading and Committee meeting held in March.  All relevant information will be passed to the club students through an email.


May 2017 saw the BTA 50th Anniversary Training Weekend which was held in Great Yarmouth.  The event was well attended over the two day with approx 250 people, in total.  GM Alderton and Master Darlington attended the event, and both had a great time.  There was a number of seminars over the two day being took by GM 10th Dans, 8th Dans, 7th Dans, to name a few.  The Saturday saw the first Hall of Fame Awards, and again the number in attendance was in the high hundreds.  The night was enjoyed and the atmosphere was one of joy and happiness.  The two club instructors, both received awards on the night. Master Darlington received, "Services to the Association" and GM Alderton received, "Long Service", both awards were certificates and also a Medal engraved with the events details.  The end of May saw GM Alderton being invited to be come a AMA Taekwondo representative. 


July &August saw the club walk around Preesall and Knott End Gala, it was the first time that ALL the students of the club were in attendance.  GM Alderton received his Kukkiwon Certificate for his 4th Dan. The club change the number of nights from having two sessions a week to one, this due to a couple of reasons.  However the club still looking to recruit new and past members, and who know Monday nights might come back.  At the end of Aug, GM Alderton and the club became members of the KMASOC - which is the Korean Martial Arts Society.  August saw the club welcome 3 New members to the club and one returning member.


September see GM Alderton  travel to Messington Taekwondo Club, to attend the BTA Committee and Black Belt Grading along with the Celebration of Mr & Mrs Usher who run Messington Taekwondo Club. Any relevant information from the BTA Committe meeting will be passed on to the students. 



January was a bit of a quite month after Xmas, but it saw a number of Students presented with the new belts from the Grading held in December.  The Grading in December was done slightly different in a hope to reduce the nerves of the students on the night.  However, this will not be the case at other Gradings. 

I am pleased to inform you all that the following students passed:

Jasper                   Promoted to                      9th Kup                  White Belt Yellow Stripe
Jamie                    Promoted to                      9th Kup                  White Belt Yellow Stripe
Rebecca               Promoted to                      8th Kup                  Yellow Belt
Marcus                 Promoted to                      6th Kup                  Green Belt
Ian                        Promoted to                      6th Kup                  Green Belt
Melissa                 Promoted to                      4th Kup                  Blue Belt


February saw Grand Master Roland Alderton visit the 1st Pilling Beavers, Clubs and Scouts group at Pilling where he did a taster session for them to try Taekwondo Club.  GM Alderton spoke to them and then let them have a go on the pads, self defence.  Each session was about 45mins, and all  who took part (including the leaders) enjoyed themselves.


March was a quite month, with normal training sessions.  This month saw GM Alderton and Master Darlington travel over to Messington Taekwondo Club.  This was to attend the BTA Committee meeting and BTA Grading.


As I mention above Master Darlington and myself attended the BTA Committee Meeting and Grading.  The Committee meeting started and a number of items were discussed. The committee welcomed a new club to the association.  The club is called Wabisai, and is based in County Durham.

The committee welcomed Tracy and Colin who have taken over the Mount Taekwondo Club at Fleetwood.  The two senior instructors who ran the club, decided it was time to move on.  Both GM Alderton and Master Darlington have offered our time and experience if required to help them.  We wished them all the best.


The Grading then started and the standard was high.  The grading was both Taekwondo and Kickboxing, being run at the same time.  At the end of the Grading the Presentation was done, with the students being told the results and being presented with the Associations grading certificate. During the committee meeting a letter was being passed about the committee members to sign and either agreed or disagree to.  This letter then lead to one final certificate being presented by the Vice Chairman of the BTA , GM Mark Trent.  This certificate was presented to GM Roy Kilner to promote him to Supreme Grand Master which is a 9th Dan.  SGM Kilner was very emotional and didnít know what to say.  SGM Kilner has been training over 55 Years with 35 years dedicated to the BTA, both Vice President to President of the association.



On the 7th April 2018 GM Roland Alderton attended the Grand Master Seminar in Brigg.  The seminar was conducted by SGM Roy Kilner (9th Dan) and GM Mark Trent (8th Dan).  The seminar covered Self Defence, one step, a bit of pressure points and also a few other items.

The event was attended by about 50 students and Instructors. 


At the event Preesall Taekwondo club, reconfirmed it 5 Star Club Award, and Great Eccleston Tkd Club received theirs.



Grand Master Alderton during March has been speaking to a local club that was to close, due to the current instructor, having to give up due to medical and family problems.  This club currently trains on Monday and Thursday Night, but GM Alderton has been speaking and sorting this out.  The new club will be meeting on Monday Night only but instead of 1 hour they will meet for 2 sessions. The club is based at Great Eccleston.  The club has been running for a number of years and currently has a small number of students. 


On Monday the 9th April, GM Alderton held the first session at Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club.  The club welcomed 9 students, 3 were graded members and 6 new members.  The session was only a hour but everybody enjoyed it.  GM will be adverting the club over the next few months in the local area to try and build up number. 


The club has the following items:-

                Facebook Group:-           https://www.facebook.com/groups/1825234461109940/

                Website:                            www.getkd.co.uk

                Email:                                 instructor@getkd.co.uk



I am pleased to announce that a previous instructor from Preesall Taekwondo Club GM Mick Jordan 7th Dan, who was one of the founder instructors of Preesall Taekwondo was promoted to 8th Dan by the British Taekwondo Association.


May saw GM Alderton travelling down to Great Yarmouth, for the Second BTA Training weekend.  This weekend was a chance to meet up with old friend and also make new friends.  The event was supported by 200+ people taking over 80 caravan weekends.  Some pictures in the gallary.



July saw the Great Eccleston and Preesall Tkd club come together for the first time to do the Preesall Gala.  The club had also borrowed a Gazebo from one of the students so that we could have a place of the field so that people could come and find us after walking round.  The day was warm and sunny and everybody seemed to enjoy the experience and time about.  Pictures in the gallary.



This month started with a few items for the club to support, 1st was the BTA Referee seminar on the 11th Aug. Unfortunately this had to be cancelled due to GM Kilner having to attend hospital.  However at the end of the Month, both GM Kilner and GM Trent had conducted a Seminar in Durham, for Wasabi Academy.  This was to raise funds for a students within the club who need some care.  GM Alderton went up the day before and spent time with the President and Vice President, where is was promoted to 8th Dan Black Belt. The next day he attended the Seminar, which was very well supported, and again had chance to meet up with the instructors of Wasabi Academy as well as the other friends he knew.


September saw some of the Students of the Club take the Grading to obtain there new belts.  The floor was taken by Mr Van Drielen, whilst the marking was carried out my GM Alderton and Master Darlington. As always the standard was high and I am all the students who took the grading I am please to say passed.  Also this month saw Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club have it's first grading.
The BTA Committee & Grading  was held on the 15th September 2018, being hosted by Brigg Kickboxing. Both GM Alderton and Master Darlington were unable to attend this committee / grading due to other commitments, however this was the official date of GM Alderton Promotion to 8th Dan.
The end of the month saw Great Eccleston & Preesall Taekwondo Club host a  Nunchucks Seminar, which was carried out by Master Stuart Usher, Chief Instructor of Messington Tkd Club and British Taekwondo Association.  The afternoon event was supported by 32 Students on the floor, ranging from Beginners to Master Grades. At the end of the Seminar, a Certificate was presented to the Students for attending.  GM Alderton also presented a Certificate to Master Usher for attending and running the Seminar along with a small token which he likes to drink.  A small donation of the proceeds were donated to the British Taekwondo Association funds, as both Master Usher and GM Alderton has agreed to do, when setting the event up.



The BTA Championship was a success, with over 40+ members taking part in Patterns and Sparring.  It was a excellent start to the First BTA Championship, and a good foundation to the success for the next one.  We had one student take part and I am pleased to say even though he did not win his competitions, he was still a winner as he took park.  Congratulation to Garreth.


November and December, was a quite month, as our with our last session on the 13th December.




Jan 2019

Jan saw both clubs return to training on the 7th and 10th Jan.    The GM will be travelling to Australia to visit family and also looking to train with some Oz Tkd Students.  A big thank you to Master Jackson and Master Darlington for running the club whilst GM Alderton was away. GM Alderton did manage to train twice whilst being in Australia. The club was very similar to the clubs here.  A few pictures of the hall and the members of the club in our Photo page.


Feb / March

These months have been a bit quite with just the normal training happening.  The clubs however are please to welcome to them the following students:

Preesall Taekwondo Club Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club

On behalf of the club and the BTA welcome and I hope that you enjoy your time with us.



 April has been of a busy month, as the Clubs did there grading, and GM Alderton travelled to Messington Tkd Club to support Master Usher, and also to support the charity that the event was being held for.  The charity was "Children with Cancer".  Master Usher managed to raise £600 from the event.  We congratulate him on this.


The grading was slightly different this time with both clubs having it done over a two night period, the reason why was that GM Alderton and Instructors want to assess everything the students were / have done.  The grading was at a good standard, and we are please to announce the following promotions within both the clubs


Preesall Taekwondo Club Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club
Faith promoted to 8th Kup - Yellow Belt
Marcus promoted to 4th Kup - Blue Belt
Ian promoted to 4th Kup - Blue Belt
Max promoted to 8th Kup - Yellow Belt
Emma promoted to 8th Kup - Yellow Belt
Charlie - promoted to 7th Kup - Yellow Belt, Green Stripe
Sam - Promoted to 5th Kup - Green Belt, Blue Stripe

Also in April GM Alderton presented 3 certificate to students at Preesall Tkd Club for Long Service, Master Jackson - 19 Years, Master Darlington - 12 Years and Will for 9 years.  Once again, congratulation on these.

Students from both Preesall and Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club attended the local Preesall and Knott End Gala. As usual it was a pleasant sunny day.  Everybody enjoyed themselves. See photos from the day.

This month GM Alderton, Master Darlington, Mr Van Drielen, Mr Edge and Dave attend a seminar in Garstang.  This seminar was organised by Garstang Taekwondo Club, this was to raise money for the Myeloma UK.  This was the chosen charity as one of our friend to the club George Gaud had Myeloma, and has now recovered from it.  This was to make a donation to them the seminar raised £1200 approx with a donation on the day made by Master Stuart Usher, Chief Instructor of the British Taekwondo Association. Some photos can be found on our Gallery page.

Also in Aug, both Preesall and Great Eccleston Taekwondo Clubs were awarded, the Safeguard Code in Martial Arts.  This award is valid for 3 years and has to be checked every year.   This award allows parents, schools to check to see if we have meet a minimum standard, towards Safeguarding children and adults in martial arts.   The website can be found on the link on the front page of the website. 

This month was a busy month, as we held our Kup Grading and also we attended the British Taekwondo Association Dan Grading at Messington Martial Arts.  Both clubs had students in for the Kup Grading and also the Dan Grading.  I am please to say that the following passed the gradings:
Preesall Taekwondo Club Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club
Joshua promoted to 9th Kup - White Belt, Yellow Stripe
Stephen promoted to 8th Kup - Yellow Belt
Faith promoted to 7th Kup - Yellow Belt Green Stripe

Will - promoted to 1st Poom.

Dexter promoted to 9th Kup - White Belt Yellow Tag
Harrison promoted to 9th Kup - White Belt Yellow Tag
Jeremy promoted to 9th Kup - White Belt Yellow Stripe
Kayla promoted to 9th Kup - White Belt Yellow Stripe

David - promoted to 1st Dan Black Belt

November was another full month, we had the British Taekwondo Association 2nd National Championships, held in Durham and also a Seminar held at Wasi-bi Taekwondo Club, where GM Alderton attended.  The seminar was being run by GM Kilner and GM Trent and a bit of time by GM Alderton.  They covered self defence, and other martial arts.  In the evening those who attended the seminar when out and had a social meal and a get together.  The seminar was being run to support Jade Aid. 


We returned back to the club on the relevant dates and training commenced. Nothing special happened over the few months until March 2020.

March 2020
This month sees the first Kup Grading of the year, and also the British Taekwondo Association Black Belt Grading.

However this month see Great Eccleston Taekwondo Club, closes it doors.  GM Alderton has run the club for just short of two years and he has tried to encorage new students to attend as well as old students who use to train there.  This was to no avail and the only option was to close the club.  GM Alderton thanks all the student and Instructors who have helped out and trained at the club.